Skiff Lake Vintage Wood


Well over a century ago, rugged rural Skiff Lake, New Brunswick was home to a large wood mill.  Massive sleds of large cut milled wood would be transported across the top of the lake’s icy veneer, drawn by teams of work horses during the bitter cold winter days.
Occasionally during periods of spring thaw, the dense hardwood would break through the ice, resting for decades, even centuries at the bottom of the spring-fed lake.
Wood resting in spring lake water for several decades takes on unique properties. Akin to the violins seasoned by Stradivarius, wood saturated by crisp clean lake water slowly drains all sap from the resting wood … Over a period of 60+ years, this fine aging process results in truly unique wood with unparalleled resonance, highly prized at nearly any cost by musicians, artists and collectors around the world.
A unique process that cannot be replicated. Just as time, pressure and coal results in fine diamonds, only mother nature herself can produce wood with such extremely rare physical properties.