Our Story


Hi, we are Bob + Mary-Ann Winslow. We have been married for 28 years and have four amazing children. We are very proud of our kids and taught them to pursue their dreams.
While our kids were growing up, we had the privilege of spending our summers on the most beautiful lake in New Brunswick. A little lake nestled near the border of Maine and New Brunswick, where my husband taught us all how to love and appreciate the beauty of nature and creation.
My husband Bob is a most talented individual who has worn many career hats in his life, a sample of his eclectic career included roles as a carpenter, chef, teacher and maritime supervisor. He chose these careers to provide for our family,  putting off his dreams of someday pursuing his true passion – becoming a full time artist.
He discovered his passion while he was in high school at a place where art was considered a hobby and not a real career.
Our dream has just recently become a reality when we had the opportunity to move to the lake where our children were raised and grew roots in our new permanent residence. Skiff Lake is our new home for our children, their children and hopefully for many future generations.
It seems when you are in in the place where you were always meant to be, the inspiration to create comes to life for the artist. The works you see displayed in our brochure are the results of a dream realized and proof that no matter what the obstacles or commitments in life, it is possible for all of us to pursue and live our dreams.
Mary Ann and Bob Winslow